the return of Vincent van Gogh and the third millennium

These pages are to show connoisseurs and internauts how Vincent van Gogh survived the drama of his suicide.

- how he decides to paint this time his homeland in the colors of the sun
- how he vibrates his joy to the world to be back amidst the living


The return of Vincent van Gogh to Holland after surviving his suicide.

This voyage will bring you through twenty three illuminated scenic Dutch sites, and make make it possible for you to share and even to experience the felicity of Vincent.

The site has been set up in order to give Vincent, the once doomed marginal, a real and new chance to participate fully in the changing and the making of the third millennium. Internauts following Vincent's voyage - through a series of illuminates scenic Dutch sites - may well share and experience his acrobatic felicities. Enjoy this trip. It includes not only the realistic picturesque, but gives Internauts inside information about the world that is coming and it's endless possibilities we all are waiting for.


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