FOR SALE a river home and studio - in the center of Holland (coordinates 51.818282,4.657423)

FOR SALE in Holland, a studio with apartment and rooftop conservatory to be converted into a penthouse (150m2 glass) in the Randstad next to the rivier.

Studio and apartment in the Randstad with view on the river Oude Maas and the historic city of Dordrecht. For more photographs: please visit the links on the left and click the images for more.

Dordrecht is situated on the opposite side of the river. The the ferry sails every ten minutes. The center of Dordrecht is closer to your home than it is for 90% of the citizens of Dordrecht itself.


On the ground floor is the 4.50 meter high studio accessible by a 4x4 meter overhead door from the rear of the building. A steel spiral staircase connects the groundfloor studio to the second floor. A second staircase leads to the rooftop conservatory which can be converted into a penthouse with magnificent views over the Dutch river landscape and the historic arcitecture of Holland's oldest city - Dordrecht. Just on the opposite side of the river is the medieval Grote Kerk; the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwe-Kerk ('Our Dear Lady Church') or simply the Grote Kerk ('Great Church') was built between 1285 and 1470. The 65-meter tower contains a carillon with 67 bells including one weighing 9830 kilos, making it the heaviest bell in the Netherlands. Entry to the church is free. Climbing the tower costs one Euro. Be sure you're in shape and not afraid of close spaces. The steps are steep and there is only one way up...or down. See the medieval clock works as well. In the church see the brilliant stained glass windows and especially the modern window dedicated to the guilds of Dordrecht.

listen to the bells

Atelierwoning, studio te koop in de Randstad, aan de rivier. 

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