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Keith Barrett
Alexander Baturin
Henk van den Berg
Gabriele Berger
Françoise van den Bosch
Kees Buckens
Wien Cobbenhagen
Henck van Dijck
Wim Drion
Jeroen Fransen
Ron Gennisse
Henk van Gerner
Rinus Groenendaal
Jorma Hautala
Lutz Hellmuth
Kari Huhtamo
Margreet Huisman
Venelin Ivanov
Marja de Jong
Roland de Jong Orlando
Ton Kalle
Bart Kelholt
Bert De Keyser
Aart Lamberts
Niels Lous
Wicher Meursing
Oleg Nikoliuk
Jeroen Niemeyer
Cor Noltee
Marco de Nood
Herbert Nouwens
Matti Peltokangas
Kiril Prashkov
Vera Röhm
Geert Schiks
Anneke Schollaardt
Mari Shields
Lies van der Sluis
Wim Smits
Rezsö Somfai
Borislav Stoev
Jan Jelle Stroosma
Georghiu Tchapkenov
Yutaka Toyota
Rita van der Vegt
Frits Vanèn
Vasil Vasilev
Arie Wols
Gennady Zubkov
Lucien den Arend

May Hobijn

Johann Sebastian Bach Sculpture Symposium
Forum Konkrete Kunst
four nations four spaces
North Sea Black Sea
Peterskirche Erfurt D
Holland constructive
coby brinkers
go de graaf
henk van trigt
lucien den arend
piet van zon

return of Vincent van Gogh








symposiums and exhibitions

Associazione Internazionale Eventi di Scultura Monumentale (International Association of Monumental Sculptures Events) - AIESM - has agents worldwide, in representation of 23 countries: Costa Rica, Brazil, Cuba, Italy, Canada, Finland, Luxembourg, Mexico, Bulgaria, Portugal, Germany, Thailand, Austria, India, Russia, Nepal, Ukraine, Spain, Finland, Netherlands, South Africa, Egypt, U.S.A.

The aim of the Association is to promote and place contemporary art in the world, especially Public Art, to create a net of collaboration and mutual support among the members, to approach the people to Art.

Its international structure allows to organize different kinds of Event of Visual Art, and especially if Monumental Sculpture, creating a dialog and a meeting between the public, the artists and their art.
The Association, focusing on its goals, has organized 24 International Symposiums of Monumental Sculpture worldwide. Almost 400 public monumental sculptures are now permanently installed in parks and urban areas in cities such as San Paulo- Brazil, San Diego- California, Montreal-Canada, St Jose-Costa Rica, Mexico City, Ecatepec and Comitan in Mexico, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, Songkhla in Thailand. Through its activity on international plan, AIESM created and continue to develop the greatest open air museum of monumental sculptures in the world, displaced in various latitudes and different social and cultural contexts. This is our proudest achievement.

Through Art we bring spirit, heart, conscience and pacific confrontation to every latitude and every people of the planet.

This web site commemorates the extraordinary achievements of this group of artists that in a few years, has created one of the greatest collections of open-air sculptures in the world.
It also intends to clarify and spread the intentions and activities of the Association so that Contemporary Art can keep on growing and attracting a wider public.


PAST A.I.E.S.M. activities

March 2006 - mexico
The AIESM Management in Mexico organized from the 2st to the 12th of March 2006 in Tultepec, the suburb of Mexico City, the XIV International Symposium of stainless steel Monument...

October 2005 - mexico
The Association Cultura y Arte para CHIAPAS AC, the Municipality of COMITAN in Chiapas and AIESM, International Association for Monumental Sculpture Events, organized from the 1st ...

July 2005 - luxembourg
Florence Hoffmann, A.I.E.S.M. Manager for Luxemburg, organized together with the Group “Animation Gare” the 5° Gare Art Festival 2005, which took place from the 24th to the 31st ...

April 2005 - thailand
The Municipality and the Province of Songkhla, AIESM, International Association for Monumental Sculpture Events, Thai Sculptor Association, Silpakorn University in Bangkok, Faculty...

March 2005 - mexico
From the 3rd to the 13th of March 2005, an international symposium of sculptures on stainless steel, promoted by A.I.E.S.M., with the support of the Mexican Institute of Culture...

December 2004 - costa rica
The sculptor Edgar Zuniga, manager of A.I.E.S.M. for Costa Rica, has organized, since the 1st to the 12th of December 2004, the First International Symposium of Monumental Sculpt...




International Association of Monumental Sculptures Events, is a non-profit organization founded by artists of different backgrounds.

sculptors' symposiums, exhibitions, applications, opportunities

The organization was legally started in Quebec, on February 1997. (Its registered number is 1446650081)

The presidency actually is in, Via Roma n.156 - 52025 Montevarchi ( Arezzo ).

A.I.E.S.M., whose activity is on an international plan, includes several professional sculptors as members and has now 21 Managers and 8

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