Frits Vanen
sculptor | painter |graphic arttist

J.H. van 't Hoffweg 39
NL 1402 VH Bussum

tel 31(0) 35 6917171 [home]
tel 31(0) 35 6934077 [studio]
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technique - monumental, steel, stainless steel, wood
material - small sculpture bronze, aluminum, steel
style - geometric, concrete abstract


group exhibitions

  • 1967 Beeld en route, Groningen. catalogue
  • 1969 5 years Dutch Sculpture, Centraal Museum Utrecht. cat.
  • 1989 international steel sculpture workshop and synposium, Dunaújváros, Hungary
  • 1990 The obvious, an object of observation. Municipal Museum Roermond, Dutch Sculp. Assoc.
  • 1993 Striking Sculptures, Groeneveld /Baarn cat.
  • 1994 Space for Sculptures, Doesburg/Utrecht cat.
  • 1994 Radius of Action in Dialogue, Daelenbroek/ Herkenbosch. International exhib. cat.
  • 1996 Drechtoevers Sculpture Park, Zwijndrecht cat.
  • 1996 Multiples, Beerenburght Gallery, Eck en Wiel.
  • 1996 4th International Biennial of Sculptural Drawings, Vigadó Gallery, Budapest. cat.
  • 1997 Small- Sculpture, Townhall and gardens of Middenbeemster. cat.
  • 1997 The Masters of Drawing and Graphic Arts, 1997 4th International Biennial, Györ Hungary.
  • 1997 10th jubilee of The 4th Dimension Gallery Plasmolen.


one man exhibitions

  • 1959 Artgallery Martinus Liernur, Den Haag.
  • 1962 Artgallery Santee Landweer, Amsterdam.
  • 1963 Galerie Du Damier, Paris. cat.
  • 1965 M3 , Amersfoort.
  • 1966 Felison, IJmuiden.
  • 1969 Rotterdamse Kunstkring, Rotterdam.
  • 1971 The Montreal society of architects,Montreal.
  • 1971 University Galleries of Saskatoon (Marquis-Hall), Edmonton, Canada.
  • 1982 Kunstliefde, Utrecht
  • 1991 Municipal Exhibition centre Gooiland,Hilversum. cat.
  • 1991 The Beerenburght Gallery, Eck en Wiel.
  • 1994 Xántus János Múzeum, Györ, Hungary. cat.
  • 1995 Art Gallery Spreuwenberg, Herkenbosch. with Támas Gáal.
  • 1997 Municipal Museum Roermond, Roermond cat.



  • 1970 Steel sculpture "Blits", Amsterdam -Noord
  • 1970 Steel Sculpture "Moving figure", Utrecht
  • 1977 Theatre -façade, de Vest, Alkmaar
  • 1981 Wood-relief in swimming pool, Lelystad
  • 1982 Stainless steel sculpture AMRO bank, Bussum
  • 1983 2 Concrete- reliefs Rembrandtpark,A'dam
  • 1987 45 multiple-sculptures, Hoogovens-group, steelcompany, Velsen.
  • 1992 Stainless steel sculpture "concrete abstractie", private collection, Leiderdorp
  • 1993 2 large-scale brick wall drawings, Amstelveen
  • 1993 Stainless steel sculpt."Energy" private collection, Bussum
  • 1996 H.M. the Queen of the Netherlands, The Hague
  • 1996 Private collections: Amsterdam, Leiderdorp,Herkenbosch, New Jersey
  • 1997 Steel Sculpture private collection Bussum
  • 1997 Private collection, Bloemendaal



  • 1982 Utrechts Nieuwsblad, 30. 11 '82' Amke Homan
  • 1984 "A Collection" ABN- AMRO bank, introduction W.A.L. Beeren
  • 1990 " Het vanzelfsprekende etc.", NKvB, Municipal Museum Roermond,Babette Welter
  • 1991 Frits Vanen - Gooiland, Hilversum, Michael Richards, cat.
  • 1991 Utrechts Nieuwsblad, 23.04 '91, Thea Figee
  • 1991 Dagblad de Vallei, 11.04 '91, Antonie den Ridder
  • 1991 Gooi en Eemlander, 07.02 '91, Pieter Bos
  • 1993 "Markante Beelden" NKvB, Groeneveld /Baarn, cat.
  • 1994 Kisalfold, dagblad Gyor, Julia N. Meszaros, Hungary.
  • 1994 "Papir es Fem" (Tussen papier en staal), Xántus Jáos Muzeum Györ, Júlia N. Mészáros, cat.
  • 1996 International Steel Sculptors workshop and symposium -
  • 1974-1993, Dunaújváros, Hungary, cat.
  • 1997 "Zeegeruis, Municipal Museum, Roermond, Harrie Tillie, cat.
  • 1997 Interview Gooi en Eemlander, 07.08'97 Margriet v Seumeren
  • 1997 "Szoborkert, Szobor Festival", (Sculpture festival), Györ, HungaryTibor Wehner, cat.


short explanation of the work .

The work of the Dutch artist Frits Vanen may be seen as a series of themes and variations. As the basis of his grafic and sculptural work, he takes what he describes as "essential forms"- circles, squares, cubes, and cylinders. By changing and combining these universal shapes, and through his often dramatic use of colour, he has produced a body of work which, while retaining an underlying simplicity, challenges both the eye and the intellect.

(Even by Dutch standards), few artists use such natural effects as creatively as Frits Vančn. Water and light are elements in his sculpture every bit as much as the steel or concrete used in their actual construction. A shape reflected in water be comes not two shapes but a single, different one. A steel plane illuminated by sunlight stands in stark relief to those remaining in shade and thereby changes our perception of the piece as a whole.

Michael Richards, 4/ 1989

His sculpture is basically geometric in its world of forms, subordinated to the strict rules of spatial formation, concentrated on clear structure, aimed at exact expression and is free from everything irrelevant. His forms are determent by the intention of concise expression as well as by the unique ness which results from the logical thinking over the basic problems and aims at completeness. His works recall functional forms and hidden laws of nature, search for the universal connections of space forms and content. They exclude incidental and instantaneous impressions from the composition.

Júlia N. Mészáros 1994,
art historian
Xántus János Museum

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