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dynamic abstract



1992 Stimuleringssubsidie, municipality of Utrecht
1994 Basisstipendium, Fonds for BKVB Amsterdam
1997 Basisstipendium, Fonds for BKVB Amsterdam
2000 Individual Project subsidy, municipality of Utrecht



1997 municipality of Haarlemmermeer
1998 municipality of Spijkenisse
1999 Emmercompascuum
2001 municipality of Heerhugowaard


1999 Zouth Korea - Ansung Int.
  Roadside Sculpture Symposium

art rental in the public space

2001-2003 municipality of Rhoon

exhibitions (last 6 years)

1996 Eck en Wiel
  Group exhibition - Galerie de Beerenburght
Midwolda - Group exhibition - Hiemstrastaete
  Utrecht - Group exhibition A matter of memory St Sophia
  Putten - Groepsexpositie, Demedici Beeldende Kunst
1996 Eck en Wiel - Solo exhibition - Galerie de Beerenburght
  Baarn - Groepsexpositie, Kasteel Groeneveld
  Amsterdam - KunstRAI 96
  Knokke (Belgie) - Tentoonstellingsbeurs, park Scharpoord
  Alphen aan den Rijn - Beeldenroute, Beelden aan de Rijn
  Putten - Groepsexpositie, Demedici Beeldende Kunst
  Zwolle - Groepsexpositie, Broerenkerk
  Alphen aan den Rijn - Beeldenroute, Beelden aan de Rijn
1997 Amsterdam - Groepsexpositie, Amsteltuin
  Putten - Groepsexpositie, Demedici Beeldende Kunst
  Utrecht - Solo-expositie, Windows 97
1998 Baarn - Groepsexpositie, Kasteel Groeneveld
  Barendrecht - Groepsexpositie, Paul Casteleijn
  Eck en Wiel - Groepsexpositie, Galerie de Beerenburght
  Putten - Groepsexpositie, Demedici BK, landgoed Schovenhorst
  Emmen - Groepsexpositie, Stadsbeelden in Emmen
  Amsterdam - Kunstrai 98
  Landgraaf - Groepsexpositie, Kasteel Strijthagen
1999 Heerenveen - Groepsexpositie, Kunstruimte
  Utrecht - Groepsexpositie, Beeldengalerij Cantera
  Amsterdam - Groepsexpositie, Amsteltuin
  Papendrecht - Groepsexpositie, museum voor moderne Kunst de Rietgors
2000 Eck en Wiel - Groepsexpositie, Galerie de Beerenburght
  Putten - Groepsexpositie, Demedici BK, landgoed Schovenhorst
  Cuyk - Groepsexpositie, Beeldentuin Cuyk
  Le Chatelet(Midden-Frankrijk) - Groepsexpositie, Kasteel Drulon
  Lisse - Groepsexpositie, Keukenhof
2001 Utrecht - Groepsexpositie, Brandweerkazerne
  Nijeveen - Groepsexpositie No Milk Today
  Borne - Groepsexpositie, Beelden buiten binnen Borne
  Eck en wiel - Groepsexpositie, Galerie de Beerenburght


since 1995 various private collections
2000 Museum Willem van Haren - Heerenveen NL

catalogues and publications

1994 catalogue beelden in Breukelen Text Nanon Soeters/Paulien ’t Hoen - Utrecht NL
  Aktieradius in Dialogen Publicatie van Stichting Kunst in en om Dealenbroeck
kontrasten in de natuur De Limburger (24-9-94) Sjef Kusters
1995 Beelden rond de Ennemaborgh Publication - about the exhibition Hiemstrastate-Ennemaborgh
1996 De wegen liggen in een reis Jaap Nijstad
  Beelden in de Betuwse buitenlucht - De Gelderlander (23-5-96) Antonie den Ridder
Nieuw Alphen Nieuws Concept/chief-editor Adriaan Nette


My work consists chiefly of monumental steel sculptures. In contrast to the association evoked by the material, the sculptures are characterized by lightness and transparency. Interacting with their surroundings, these outdoor sculptures suggest unlimited space. As an artist I have been fascinated by the phenomenon of ‘boundaries’ during the past few years. These offer a permanent challenge for exploration and pushing back. The space within the boundary-lines has a different character. It fascinates me because it invites me to explore it, causing contradictory emotions of limitation and oppression on the one hand, and of safety and protection on the other hand. This evokes the question when do certainties become a compelling system ?

In the process of exploring and marking boundaries, sculptures involved in which a layered, often transparent, construction of maze and dish-shaped forms more or less camouflage the essence. The dimensions of the sculpture are determined by the dimensions of man. It is important that the limitations of space are experienced, despite the transparency. Consequently, I make my sculptures in such a way that one can walk around them as well as through them.

As I am interested in making the spectator take part , integration of the work of art into the urban surroundings is important. Therefore I prefer to place my sculptures outdoors where they can enter into a relationship with unlimited space, whereas indoors the theme is stressed by the limitation of the surrounding space.

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