Geert Schiks  19|05|1954 Deurne NL

Villanovastraat 4-6
NL 6542 JA Nijmegen

tel +31 (0) 24 37 88 360
fax +31 (0) 24 37 88 360



1977-1982 Stadsakademie Maastricht beeldhouwen
Opleiding (City academy Maastricht sculpture)
1989 course art to commission Groningen
1996-1998 course urban design micro-environment Utrecht


Member Dutch Sculptor’s Association
Lid Nederlandse Kring van Beeldhouwers

Type of work

Three dimensional - mainly non-figurative monumental work, work in
commission with relation to architecture and surroundings, occasionally figurative.


1984 Culturel Centre of Venlo The Netherlands
1988 Studio presentations Nijmegen The Netherlands
1988 Head Office ABP Heerlen The Netherlands
1989 Studio presentations Nijmegen The Netherlands
1990 Gallery De Burgt Hoevelaken The Netherlands
1990 University of Nijmegen solo-exhibition The Netherlands
1990 Studio presentations Nijmegen The Netherlands
1991 Studio presentations Nijmegen The Netherlands
1992 Studio presantations Nijmegen The Netherlands
1992/93 International travelling group exhibition
Kleef, Museum für Kunst stadt Goch Germany
1993 ECU’93 group exhibition university Nijmegen The Netherlands
1993 Manifestation/exhibition ’93 “Geheimen” Venray The Netherlands
1994 Studio presentations Nijmegen The Netherlands
1994 Gallery ALEA Nijmegen The Netherlands
1995 Keukenhof Lisse group exhibition The Netherlands
1995 Solo-projekt exhibition Galleria Comunale Bressanone Italy
1996 Group exhibition Harmonie in beeld in Artex and St. Martinuschurch Cuijk The Netherlands
1996 Group exhibition in Artifex Cuijk The Netherlands
1997 The exhibition route in Oss The Netherlands
1998 Solo-projekt exhibition Galleria comunale Bressanone Italy
1998 International group exhibition beelden op de dijk, Keeken and Millingen aan de Rijn Germany
1998 International group exhibition drafts for the school of graphics Gutenberg Bolzano Italy
1999 Group exhibition Keukenhof Lisse The Netherlands
1999 International group exhibition Millingen Germany aan de Rijn and Keeken The Netherlands
1999 International group exhibition See ART Lago di Varna Italy
2000 Art on the ship’s yard. Site-specific work , groupexhibition, Millingen aan de Rijn, The Netherlands
2001 Exhibition in the artistscollective 'De Nieuwe Gang', some site-specific work, Beuningen, The Netherlands
2001 Membersexhibition Dutch Sculptors Association, Aalsmeer, The Netherlands
2002 Projectexhibition, Landschap-Partnerschap, Kasteel Groeneveld, Art in relation with landscape, Baarn, The Netherlands
2003 Groupexhibition in the artiscentre De Nieuwe Gang, Beuningen, The Netherlands
2004 International groupexhibition, Les Jardin Artistiques Drulon, Loye sur Arnon, France
2004 The day off Architecture, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
2004 Projectexhibition site-specific work, Millingen aan de Rijn The Netherlands
2004 Exhibition for documentation of artists, Oda park, Venray, The Netherlands
2004 Groupexhibition artists, artist centre, De Olifant, CBKN, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
2005 Solo exhibition, Galleria Comunale, Bressanone, Italy


1997 Istanbul Fac. of Architecture and Art Turkey - followed Town and Regional planning - Developed a concept for a art-museumpark at the Bosperus
1997 Leidsche Rijn, Devoloped a concept for art location in the new areas The Netherlands
1997 Helsinky University of Art and Design Finland developed a concept for a sculpture park
1997 Barcelona Facultat de Bellas Artes Spain investigated the lay out of the open areas and in relation with art


1990 Draft for a free-standing sculpture Schetsontwerpen library of municipality Heumen-Malden The Netherlands
1991/92 Draft for a contempory Maria figure to be situated on the A50 motorway Ravenstein The Netherlands
1992 Draft for a free-standing sculpture college De Clinck Groningen The Netherlands
1992 Draft for a wall relief housing estate Ridderspoor Nijmegen The Netherlands
1996 Draft for a sculpture in a private garden Nijmegen The Netherlands
1997 Draft for a coloured sculpture for the exterior of a notary office Nijmegen The Netherlands 
1997 Helsinky draft for a free-standing monumental sculpture in an entrance area Arabia Finland
1997 Draft for a fountain municipality Cuijk The Netherlands
1998 Bolzano draft for the school of graphics Italy Gutenberg
1999 Draft for a sculpture inside of Casa di Planta Bressanone Italy 
1999 Draft for a bandstand in cooperation with the architect W.Kol, municipality Cuijk The Netherlands
1999 Draft for the international competition Terra Moretti group Erbusco Italy


1991 Entrance gate municipality Nijmegen The Netherlands
1995 Portrait of the ‘Apple King’ The Netherlands
1996 Sculpture (bronze and iron) in an office Westerhoven The Netherlands
1998 Commission for a fountain municipality Cuijk The Netherlands
1999 Bressanone stone sculpture for the exterior of the architectural firm CL. Olivotto Italy
1999 Bronze sculpture outside for the IBN groep Cuijk The Netherlands
1999 Design for musicstand, In coorporation with the architect W. Kol, Cuijk, The Netherlands
2002 Landartproject, Les Jardin Artistiques Drulon, Loye sur Arnon, France
2003 Bronze sculpture in a garden, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
2003 A little landartproject for Lago di Varna, Varna, Italy
2004 An iron coloured sculpture (outside) for the watercompany Gelderland Vitens, Druten, The Netherlands
2005 Sculpture in the urbans space, Leuth, The Netherlands
2005 Concept landmarks, CBKG, Arnhem, The Netherlands
2005 Commission for two bronze portraits, Overasselt, The Netherlands
2006 International Landart Simposium 'Grindelwald', Grindelwald Switzerland

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